Take part to the Summer Events in Italy, in the charming Positano on the lovely Amalfi Coast!

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All the best Summer Events in Italy in the splendid Positano and on the marvelous Amalfi Coast to know the history, the culture and traditional cuisine of this enchanting place. Summer events on the Amalfi Coast are unique in their kind through which you can learn about the ancient history of Positano and about the rich Maritime Republic of Amalfi, a period in which all the towns of the coast grew rich through trade in the Mediterranean of the naval power of Amalfi. Religious events survive for centuries, very frequent in the area, different in every town, giving very intense moments.
Culture and flavors of this earth come together in gourmet recipes, traditional and savory dishes that can be tasted in the many feasts; all wonderful products, fresh and genuine: zucchini, prickly pear, fresh fish, lemons, herbs, enriching the menu of Mediterranean cuisine from appetizers to dessert, from wine Doc to liqueurs and cordials to delicious marmalades. The scents and colors brighten the terraces in summer that host the festival of classical music and film. Ancient villas, medieval watchtowers on promontories, preserve the stories and legends of this land full of mystery and ancient magic that has kept the old fascination as the sirens who bewitched the fishermen and the brave Ulysses. A land rich in myths to discover during your stay!

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Major events in Positano:
La festa del pesce
Positano premia la Danza

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